Weight loss Surgery Perth

A safe, viable and permanent option to solve the obesity puzzle.

Weight loss surgery perth

The weight loss puzzle can be a minefield to travel. Millions of websites provide all kinds of advice from:

– left of field “nature” remedies,
– selling weight loss concoctions,
– fitness centres advising “sure thing” tailored exercise programs,
– diet centres promoting foods to cure,
– and then there is the big weight loss surgery option.

No wonder so many are confused!

So where do you turn when you’ve tried everything, and you just seem to be getting nowhere?

With recent calls for weight loss surgery to be covered under medicare in Australia, this is certainly in the thinking of many health care providers and politicians searching for answers and for Australians looking for solutions.

But is it the option for you?

What is weight loss surgery – or is it obesity surgery or bariatric surgery? And do you need lap band surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, or gastric bypass surgery? Oh, so many more confusing options!

Not only is the fear of exploring such an invasive option for losing weight great, so is the choice in which weight loss surgeon to put your trust in. I mean google anything to do with surgery and losing weight and scroll down the pages and pages of options and see.

Where do you start?

Finding out not only if surgery is an option for you but who is best to give you that advice begins with a simple checklist:

  1. Does the surgeon or practice come with recommendations from satisfied patients?
  2. Is the surgeon suitably qualified and accredited, and have adequate experience?
  3. What costs are involved?
  4. Does the surgeon have the support of qualified covering surgeons?
  5. What Hospitals does the surgeon operate in?
  6. Is there a waiting list?
  7. Is there a comprehensive support program in place pre and post surgery?

If you just happen to live in our neck of the woods or are willing to travel there are good options to consider. At Western Surgical Health in Perth Australia, we provide a comprehensive, research-based program utilising a number of health care professionals in a wholistic based approach to treating obesity. Our team is lead by Professor Jeff Hamdorf, (a pioneer and leader in obesity surgery) and his team of surgeons along with specialist bariatric physicians, dietitians, psychologists and exercise physiologists who will guide and support you through the journey.

What is unique about Western Surgical Health?

Weight loss surgery alone will not give you the results you are looking for, especially long term. Integrating surgery in a wholistic approach that takes on board lifestyle changes can (and has) seen excellent results in many hundreds of patients at Western Surgical Health. Our team of specialists can be seen here. Our Weight loss surgery program can be viewed here.

Perth’s Western Surgical Health

Our care is unique in that we provide highly specialised professionals all at one location to support you in your surgery.


Our team includes:

– Specialised Bariatric Surgeons (both male and female)
– General Surgeons (both male and female)
– Bariatric Physicians
– Accredited Practising Dietitians
– Specialised Psychologists
– Exercise Physiologists