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How to Stop Overeating weight loss clinic perth Melanie Greenfeld

Our Psychologist, Melanie Greenfeld has been focussing on a new approach to help her clients deal with overeating, body image and harmful self judgement issues. We are all aware that fat shaming tends to exasperate a weight problem, but some of her clients harshest critics are their own inner critics. Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) has been developed in Britain by Paul Gilbert, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Derby University and is widely used there and in the US. The aim is to allow the client to develop a more compassionate relationship with themselves, this allows them to move forward by being kinder to themselves and controlling their more negative emotions.

While Sceptics may think that this gives patients the go ahead to eat more, it actually has the opposite effect. For our patients considering Obesity Surgery, this can often be a circuit breaker, giving them a way of feeling better about themselves that does not involve turning to food. It helps to reduce feelings of isolation, guilt and shame and helps clients to recognise that they are frequently kinder to others than they are towards themselves. Many people still find self compassion difficult but a growing body of research has
reinforced its contribution to greater resilience, less disappointment and stress.

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Melanie’s article can be read in full HERE.

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