SuperCare, the process for accessing superannuation can be quite daunting and to facilitate this there is a company that we have worked with called ‘Supercare’ which will organise all this for you.

SuperCare is an external service provider assisting individuals and family members in applying for the Government’s Early Release of Super (ERS) programme to cover surgery and medical costs. It is also permitted to access the super funds of a parent or spouse if your funds are inadequate. SuperCare can help facilitate funding for the following procedures;

Sleeve Gastrectomy
Removal of Gastric band and revision to Sleeve
Gastric Bypass Operations
Aftercare Treatment and Programs

For further information, please contact the SuperCare team on 1300 665 440 or visit the SuperCare website:

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Our care is unique in that we provide highly specialised professionals all at one location to support you in your surgery.

Our team includes:

– Specialised Bariatric Surgeons (both male and female)
– General Surgeons (both male and female)
– Bariatric Physicians (both male and female)
– Accredited Practising Dietitians
– Specialised Psychologists
– Exercise Physiologists