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Accessing Superannuation

Due to financial constraints, some of our patients may request “Early Release of Superannuation” for medical and compassionate reasons from the ATO. For instance, if you have insufficient funds and require gastric sleeve surgery, your superannuation may be used to cover the remaining cost. The ATO also allow a patient to access the superannuation funds of a parent or spouse if your own funds are insufficient. The application can be done directly online through the ATO on the MyGov portal and you can discuss your options with our Patient Liaison at your initial appointment. To commence the application, you will be required to have approval for surgery from your surgeon. Our Patient Liaison can assist you with the necessary approval letter and provide some general advice on your application.

This may facilitate access to your superannuation funds for the following procedures;

Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass and Gastric Band operation

Removal of Gastric band and revision to Sleeve

Anaesthetist and Hospital costs

RESHAPE Programme fees

Please obtain financial advice from your accountant or tax advisor before lodging an application as the release of your Superannuation will impact your income tax and may affect your Family Benefits position. If you wish to have some additional assistance with processing a request, we have partnered with a private company called SuperCare, who can assist you.

To learn more about early release of super for procedures such as weight loss surgery, visit the ATO website.

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Our care is unique in that we provide highly specialised professionals all at one location to support you in your surgery.

Our team includes:

– Specialised Bariatric Surgeons (both male and female)
– General Surgeons (both male and female)
– Bariatric GPs (both male and female)
– Accredited Practising Dietitians
– Specialised Psychologists