Our multidisciplinary weight loss RESHAPE programme supports your weight loss journey with the following:

3 Surgeons consultations: to care for you every step of the way
Six Dietitian appointments to keep you on track
Two Psychology appointments to prepare you and support you on your way to a better lifestyle
Regular Bariatric assessments with our in-house Physicians top keep you balanced and healthy

The RESHAPE Programme

Our highly experienced surgeons were some of the first to realise that the key to successful long term weight loss was not the type of surgery chosen, but a thorough follow up programme.

Pre-surgery phase

Once you have met with one of our Surgeons and are keen to proceed to surgery, then we will arrange for you to meet with our Dietitian, Psychologist and Bariatric GP. They will assist you to prepare for surgery and embrace the lifestyle changes that will follow. They are all specifically trained to answer your queries and to provide expert advice.

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When ready for surgery, a date will be set by your surgeon. Please see our website descriptions of Obesity surgery for further information on the various procedures. Your surgeon will help you decide on the most appropriate surgery for you. A post –operative meeting with your surgeon will be scheduled for a couple of weeks after your procedure.

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Post Surgery Programme

You will attend up to four follow up appointments with our Bariatric GPs and a consultation with your surgeon to monitor your wellbeing. A post surgery follow-up with our Psychologist helps our patients to assume a realistic responsibility toward their new regimes. Our dietitians will provide expert advice and guidance on your progress at each stage of your weight loss journey.

How much weight can you expect to lose?

  • Most surgical weight loss options today work because of reduced capacity of the stomach.
  • Weight loss will occur gradually and should commence immediately after surgery.
  • On average, it is expected that 50% to 60% of excess weight will be lost in the long term.
  • Depending on the type of surgery, some weight gain may occur after the first 2 years.



Co-Morbidity Resolution

  • Weight related co-morbidities such as Diabetes, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Hypertension are expected resolve along with successful weight loss.
  • Any operation to help with weight loss is only as good as the lifestyle changes that go with it.
  • Good food choices and regular exercise and regular follow ups at our clinic are necessary to optimise outcome.

Please contact our friendly staff on 08 64248596 to discuss the competitive, all inclusive programme costs and let our multi-disciplinary team assist you to reshape your life.

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Our care is unique in that we provide highly specialised professionals all at one location to support you in your surgery.

Our team includes:

– Specialised Bariatric Surgeons (both male and female)
– General Surgeons (both male and female)
– Bariatric GPs
– Accredited Practising Dietitians
– Specialised Psychologists